Suggestions for badges and user roles

Discourse allows us to award badges - little icons/titles based on what users do here. For example, if someone replies to 20 topics, they might get a badge like “Reply Guy”, or if someone starts 10 topics that get a lot of engagement, they might get a badge like “Conversation Starter”.

What kinds of badges or titles for users do you think would be cool or interesting for these forums? Feel free to suggest words in any language! For example, someone who answers a lot of posts looking for collaborators might get the badge “laulima,” which is Hawaiian for “cooperation”.

Post your ideas here!

I think it would be really cool to have a badge called “longko,” which is Mapudungun (Mapuche) for “leader,” and it could be given to anyone who is really dedicated to sharing their knowledge and information about language revitalization efforts! :grin:

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That’s a really cool idea! What does everyone else think about highlighting words in Indigenous languages as the badge titles? On the one hand, it’d be awesome to share words from many languages!

On the other hand, do you think anyone would feel left out if their language weren’t featured as a badge? (There are thousands of languages and there’ll only be a handful of badge titles, so obviously we can’t feature every language, but we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!)

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At the risk of things getting confusing, maybe we could rotate badge names in different languages, based on user nominations? This way every language gets a chance at being represented, and the larger forum community can learn some new words in the process.


This sounds cute! Would there be a translation alongside the word in the badge name or in the description (or both?)

I think that would be great for anyone who might not speak those languages, to have a translation on that name and what it means would be really great!

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