Welcome, beta testers! Read this first!

Hi, beta testers of the ELP forums! Thank you for being here, and for sharing your thoughts about how these forums can best serve language champions around the world!

As a beta tester, we’d love to invite you to just use these forums as you would if they were open to the public. What you can do:

We’d love your feedback on these things in particular:

  • What categories would you want to use? Are there any missing? Any that you think are redundant?
  • What tags are missing? Which ones would you use most?
  • Is it clear how to tag which language a post is in? Could you easily find posts in a given language if you wanted to?

We also would like your feedback on a big-picture organizational issue:

  • We are trying out two versions of the forums structure, and we’d like your feedback on which one is easier for you to use.
  • In Setup 1, categories would be used for topics (e.g. there will be categories for language revitalization, language activism, culture and arts, etc.). Tags will be used for goals (e.g. “seeking advice,” “looking for collaborator,” “sharing stories”, “question”, etc.)
  • In Setup 2, categories would be used for goals (e.g. “looking to connect,” “asking questions,” “sharing stories,” etc.) and tags would be used for topics (e.g. culture & arts, language activism, etc.)

We’ve labeled the different categories on the homepage accordingly. Setup 1 is the blue categories; Setup 2 is the red categories.

Which setup makes more sense to you?

  • Setup 1: Categories for topics, tags for goals
  • Setup 2: Categories for goals, tags for topics

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