Which were the first words that you learned in your language?


The other day I was remembering how I started learning Dà’án Dàvi. My grandmother is a rememberer of our language, which means that she knows some words and phrases, but she can’t speak the language fluently. I started by asking her some basic words like animals, foods, natural elements and commands. I also learned some bad words to express anger because they are easy to remember, hahaha. After the first sessions, I started to use those words and commands to talk to my grandmother every time we see each other. I think that this is a very useful exercise to learn your language. Then I realized the importance of having some kind of recording of my grandma saying those words, and I started video recording her. Here is one of my first videos asking her to teach me some words. It was recorded in October 2009.

What about your experience? Which words do you think are the most common when we started to learn our languages?

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