Test thread: I'm a linguist looking to work on a documentation project

Hello! This is a test thread for “match-making.” I am a linguist who would like to help with a language documentation project. Here are my skills:

  • Phonology and phonetics (analyzing the sounds of a language)
  • Making dictionaries
  • Making good video recordings
  • I speak English and Spanish
  • I love to work with Mayan languages

I don’t need to be paid - I have funding from my graduate department. I would like to assist with a documentation project for at least 3 years as part of my PhD research. I can spend time in your community 2 months per year in the summer, and work with you online all year long. I would be very happy to help with any documentation projects your community is interested in - I would like to do whatever work you need me to do!

If you would like to talk to me about working together, send me a message!